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Corporate engagement with the startup ecosystem

Corporate engagement with the startup ecosystem

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The startup wave has hit Norway and big corporates are jumping on the wave
in blind dark to take part of the movement. Most companies struggle, and have no clue what to actually do to successfully engage with the startup community. Through this session you will be shared experiences on successful engagements with the startup scene.  

All Companies need Companions

A story of successful Startup + Corporate collaboration

Collaboration takes on many forms. Through StartupLab and their Corporate Innovation program, they have enabled numerous successful meet-ups between the established corporates and the startups in their network, nurturing an ecosystem they believe is necessary to grow solid and sustainable tech companies out of Norway.

Why building bridge between startups and large corporations is a win-win

Large corporations are starting to look into how they can adapt a ‘startup mindset’ to innovation, business development and general problem solving, however many don’t have the capabilities in-house nor the connections to the startup community.

Many startups would love to get in touch with the large corporations but find it difficult getting through to the right decision makers

Both parties will benefit from increased collaboration:

  • The startups from gaining new potential customers, testing ideas and products and working with a large established player with abundant resources
  • The large corporations from gaining new insights about innovation and business models from an agile and flexible player
  • How can startups and established corporations connect to facilitate mutual learning and development?


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