Ready to turn up at Startup Extreme

FOTO: Noor Dawod 

FOTO: Noor Dawod 

Did you think there only were corporates, startups and investors coming to Startup Extreme? Think again! Meet Startup Extreme DJ Presentation EFX, also known as Clayt La Motte, ready to heat up the dancefloor. “The best feeling in the world is when people still dance to my music when the lights comes on”.

#WHY did you become a DJ

Back in the 80ies I was a “Box boy”, helping a friend who`s a DJ carrying the DJ speakers and all the cords every time he had a gig. I`m from the Caribbean and when I moved to Miami for college my friends and I controlled the caribbean nightlife scene. My friend was a really good DJ but was quite shy, so I was his voice, his hype man, while he played. When I moved to London after college and later to Norway in 2007 I didn't feel what the Norwegian DJs were doing and thought to myself that if they can do it, I can do it! The memories from good times in Miami are still very clear in my mind, and I want to share this good feeling with Norwegians.

#WHY will you play at Startup Extreme

I heard about Startup Extreme through my connections, which is what Startup Extreme is all about! A friend actually introduced me to the Startup Extreme Team two years ago, and after that I`ve been doing many gigs for both Startup Extreme and Angel Challenge. I like to play a lot of different things but I'd say I'm definitely influenced by caribbean music, zouk, jamaican rhythms, r&b, soul and funk.

What was your first impression of Startup Extreme?

I think it's a brilliant concept! I like the vibe! Young and energetic people everywhere. Last year I met a lot of people doing things that is kind of similiar to what I'm doing. As a DJ I have to think of branding and connections and customers; I am a startup as well.

What are you looking forward to the most with startup extreme?

Getting people excited and making them dance. When I play I want people to stay until the lights comes on, that must be the best feeling in the world; just making people happy!


DJ EFX Turning it up at the summit

DJ EFX Turning it up at the summit

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