On the lookout for tech companies of tomorrow

Meet Henrik Grim, focusing on venture investments across multiple sectors in Nortzone. At Startup Extreme he will be looking for entrepreneurs with the drive and vision to build the global companies of tomorrow. And participate in extreme sports of course!

#WHY did you become an investor?

Being a venture investor gives me the opportunity to work with amazing people on topics that excite me. Meeting, talking to and working with entrepreneurs who fight hard to achieve their vision just gives a lot of energy. Combining that with intellectual stimulation of trying to understand and predict the future is the perfect match to me.

#WHY do you invest in the startups you do?

At Northzone, we look for entrepreneurs with the drive and vision to build the global companies of tomorrow, leveraging technology. The companies we invest in typically fall into one of two categories; Game Changers, who define a new market through product and/or business model innovation, like our portfolio company Spotify did. Or Game Winners, who play in an established market, but outperform the competition through better product performance and/or business execution, like our previous portfolio company Avito.

What do you think of the Norwegian startup scene?

The Norwegian startup scene is once again on the rise, with increasing activity among entrepreneurs, business angels and community players fueling the ecosystem. Moreover, the government's ambition to reduce reliance on the oil economy provides an interesting time for startups to get even further support. We typically see that three things are needed to build a strong and innovative tech hub: a strong community with role models, access to talent, and smart money supporting great entrepreneurs. Norway has access to all of this, and we are excited about what the future holds.

#WHY will Norwegian startups win the market?

Being part of the ecosystem described above, Norwegian startups have access to the core pre-requisites needed to succeed. However, in essence, it all comes down to the entrepreneurs. My impression is that there is a built-up supply of talented, driven entrepreneurs in Norway, who are ready to go big on their ideas and put Norway on the map as a tech hub. That’s what will make all the difference.

#WHY do you want to join Startup Extreme?

To me, Startup Extreme is a great crucible of entrepreneurial energy, where the local Norwegian ecosystem meets the international investor community. Combining that mix with high-octane extreme sports is an opportunity you can’t miss!

And in the end, best investor tip:

Make the most out of the Startup Extreme by knowing what you’re after, and pursue it actively!

Frøya Hetzel