STAAKER - Going global with autonomous follow drone

CEO Ole Jørgen Seeland out testing Staaker. Foto: Staaker

CEO Ole Jørgen Seeland out testing Staaker. Foto: Staaker

Meet CEO Ole Jørgen Seeland in Staaker, who is is producing Staakers first batch right now! Staaker has created an autonomous follow drone that is ready to go global. With the touch of a button, the drone follows and films you automagically!

#WHYWE scale

Because we think big without knowing how hard it is. This means that when we get around the corner and a huge avalanche has blocked the road, we have two options; dig out and continue, or make a new road around it. The road is too narrow to turn around.

#WHYWE have gotten investors

Hard work, huge potential in terms of return of investment, networking and a cool project!

#WHYWE want investors

We make hardware, say no more!

#WHYWE will win the market

Our first priority focus is how the customer will experience the use of a Staaker, and that's how you develop a product that win the market. Marketing is like a black hole, sucks all your money in and you never know what you are getting we think, act and evaluate.

#WHYWE are an awesome team

We have gathered people with a diversity of knowledge and experience. It's like a fruit salad, taste best in combination than one fruit alone.  

#WHYWE want to join Startup Extreme

The BEST way to network is for sure to experience something together, and even better...outdoor activities. It's so much easier to make business when you actually are talking about everything else.  

#WHYWE like to start up in Norway

Norway has changed so much the last 5 years in terms of the ecosystem around startups, and it is still improving a lot every day. We are lucky to be able to start new businesses in a country like Norway!

And in the end, best tip: Use the Pareto 80/20 rule, evaluate what you do and get better, have fun in between to maintain your passion, work hard!

Frøya Hetzel