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Axel Franck Næss & Eirik Rime, founders of Tise

Axel Franck Næss & Eirik Rime, founders of Tise

Eirik and Axel built Tise during their studies, and launched it in the Norwegian market in September 2016. Now, 9 months later, the marketplace-app has more than 200,000 registered users, 650,000 listings, and 30,000 people using the service every day. The European and Chinese markets are now waiting, and they are both looking forward to connect with investors at Startup Extreme.

#WHYWE scale

We have developed an unbeatable combination of viral and paid marketing, whereas both are highly replicable. The service in itself is also very scalable as it does not need any physical locations to survive, and goods are traded without our involvement in the physical handover.

#WHYWE have gotten investors

We believe we have gotten investors because we have a great team and a product that truly speaks to a young generation of more conscious consumers.

#WHYWE want investors

We want to replicate our current proof-of-concept to other markets, and for that we want investors!

#WHYWE will win the market

We have an uniquely cheap acquisition cost, and are not bound to extreme marketing budgets for getting the activity needed for a classifieds service to survive.

#WHYWE are an awesome team

The two of us built the foundation of the product ourselves and hence has a unique insight to all aspects of the product. Also, our very active chairman has a unique experience and overview of the classifieds business. We would also say that our creative director is likely the most creative person in Norway, and has a one-of-a-kind understanding and influence on our target-group. Lastly, we have recruited awesome people in all parts of the business, and are currently 9 employees.

#WHYWE want to join Startup Extreme

We are currently raising money and want to meet investors. We are also excited to meet the rest of the Norwegian startup eco-system!

And in the end, best tip: If you decide to start an app-business, know that the most difficult part is not to make the app.

The whole Tise team 

The whole Tise team 

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