Norway's Adventurer of the Year turned Entrepreneur and Investor

PHOTO: Bergans

PHOTO: Bergans

Tormod Granheim has always had a passion for extremes. He was the first man to ski down Everest’s North Face, and has now turned Entrepreneur and Investor. You can hear his story at Startup Extreme June 13th in Bergen.

How did it happen that you became entrepreneur and investor?

I have been interested in visionary leadership and exploring new frontiers all my life. As an adventurer, and defence consultant, you learn to rely on, and love, small and dedicated teams. Last year I got in touch with the Andreas Swahn, the founder of Smartster - and recognized the dedication I look for in expedition-partners - so I made my first startup-investment.

How can the mindset and skills you have as a daredevil and mountain climber be used in the startup world?

It may look reckless, and in a way I love the feeling of adrenalin in my veins. I believe there are strong similarities between the two, and although we may all be fueled by big dreams, we are also analytical, risk-averse and willing and able to work hard to reach our goals.

Why do you invest in the startups you do/what are you looking for?

Entrepreneurs have always inspired me. I’m looking for strong teams who are bold and humble at the same time.

What is your impression of the startup scene in Norway?

It feels as if it’s just starting to get exciting - with a proper ecosystem being developed as we speak.

Why do you want to join Startup Extreme?

I think it will be a great opportunity to expand my network, feel the pulse of the startup world and hopefully find a few more investors who can join our journey with Smartster.

And in the end, best tip: Train hard. Pitch easy.

Frøya Hetzel