Disrupting the booming VR industry

Harald, Ada & Eirik in NYC. Photo: Private

Harald, Ada & Eirik in NYC. Photo: Private

MovieMask is aiming to disrupt the VR-industry through defining a new segment for dedicated videomasks. The team went from idea to market in less than 11 months with less than 1 MNOK spent, and has since November delivered more than 3000 products. Meet co-founder Eirik Wahlstrøm and Marketing Director Ada Lea at Startup Extreme tomorrow! 

#WHYWE scale

We have simplified a booming technology to make it more accessible for everyone. Great feedback on active users and a successfull launch in Norway, ensures us that there's a huge blue ocean for the concept we have developed. A concept we invented and want to become a market leader in globally.

#WHYWE have gotten investors

Our 10 investors have background as founders, lawyers and CEOs. We believe they are convinced that we are addressing a huge market opportunity with a positive, engaged and driven team determined to succeed.

#WHYWE want investors

Timing is everything. We went from idea to market in record time, and funding will help us scale globally faster - which will be necessary to define the genre for dedicated videomasks as MovieMask.

#WHYWE will win the market

We have a unique solution that carves out a giant blue ocean for movie lovers around the world, and have a successful domestic launch to back the claims.

#WHYWE are an awesome team

The speed of MovieMask has been been maintained by the teams’ ability to engage and maintain successful partnerships with organizations and third party actors, as well as the ability to grow the organization. Furthermore, we have a strong board of active investors that have contributed with network, capital, experience and direct commitment towards the success of MovieMask as a global brand.

#WHYWE want to join Startup Extreme

We are looking for a few more experienced investors to further strengthen our board of advisors, preferably with international experience within marketing or retail, and are also looking forward to make new connections in the startup community

And in the end, best tip: The sooner you test something that's not finished - the easier it will be to implement the changes the user want and are willing to pay for. Regardless if you are building software or hardware - we suggest the "Prototype - Test - Coffee - Repeat" methodology! Share at will!

Moviemask launched their product at Eplehuset in November 2016. Foto: private

Moviemask launched their product at Eplehuset in November 2016. Foto: private

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