Meet the inventor of #gaffahacking

Jakob Palmers pitching at 500 Nordics Demo Day. Photo: 500 Nordics

Jakob Palmers pitching at 500 Nordics Demo Day. Photo: 500 Nordics

Meet #gaffahacking expert and co-founder at Graphiq, Jakob Palmers. His startup was last year named one of the 500 most promising tech startups in Europe, and that without building any tech themselves. He will be pitching on stage June 13th, don't miss it!

#WHYWE scale

Graphiq have developed a half-human, half-machine process for connecting companies with hand-picked designers. This ensures high quality delivery in every project we do and is the reason our success rate is 98,8%. Yeah, it’s true.

Also, we are solving a pain for both the customers and the designers which attracts both sides of the market. We are saving our customers time and money while giving them access to a huge talent pool of designers. For the designers we are giving them awesome projects and handling all the administrative side of freelancing from payment to contracts.

#WHYWE have gotten investors

We have not got investors, and that’s on purpose. I personally see too many people chase investors and think investments are the holy grail of succeeding in building a startup. It’s not.

What you should do is focusing on solving your customer’s problems, talking to them and hacking together products that the customers want. Get them to pay for your product from day one. This was our approach and we got a lot of traction without building any tech from the ground up.

#WHYWE want investors

We have had a lot of interest from investors since we launched and we have tried to give updates on a regular basis on our development. Now we have iterated on our product a numerous of times, made it more scalable and have seen some good traction over the last months. We are moving into a phase where we are getting ready to scale up and are looking for investors to join our journey, changing the way companies work and outsource design services.

#WHYWE will win the market

We have been focusing on solving our customer’s problem from day one, making their life easier. Now that our product works better, we receive really good feedback from our customers and they are coming back to us for new projects. When customers love your product, they will not leave you, but rather tell their friends. That’s why we see one third of our traffic from referrals which is great.

Together with happy customers we have attracted some of the best designers in the design community and are working on bringing in more talent. We are receiving application every week from designers who want to do awesome projects, stay free and experience a hassle free work environment working through Graphiq. The designers are one of the most important resources as they do the creative work and we are very concerned about helping the best way possible.

#WHYWE are an awesome team

We have one awesome German guy, Marian, who taught himself Norwegian in less than 4 months and now people don’t even believe he is German. Erik, who is a famous certified Cowboy from a ranch in Australia and was flown into a investor meeting in London when he was 19. Ingrid who’s been living in the US and plays the best R&B-rhymes while enlightening our users on how they can grow their business. Frede, who’s raced 22 000 km from London to Mongolia through five different mountain ranges and now understands how the world is connected. And finally myself, with the all time high record for selling Christmas trees in Norway.

Our team is diversified and have different stories to share, but one thing that is common is that we all get shit done and have fun while doing it. We are always looking for other passionate people so shoot me an e-mail if you feel you have something to add to the team.

#WHYWE want to join Startup Extreme

A side from trying out the wind tunnel, rafting down the river or skydiving over the scenic views of Norway I can’t think of much just kidding! I`m really looking forward to hear great talks, meet investors in the wild to see what they got and connect with other startups and media. I have heard it is a great event and I am sure it will live up to it’s expectations. We will also be pitching on stage June 13th, so come join us if you are also going.

And in the end, best tip: Use Zapier to automate your tedious tasks you do over and over again. Do it now, it will save you a lot of time. If you don’t know how to get started, send me an e-mail at and I’ll help you out.

Jakob with his co-founder, Erik (to the left) . Photo: Lene Sørøy Neverdal

Jakob with his co-founder, Erik (to the left) . Photo: Lene Sørøy Neverdal

Frøya Hetzel