Norway Demo Day

2018 - Wed June 13th - @SE Summit

What if you could have the chance to meet a handpicked selection of Norway’s most cutting edge and innovative entrepreneurs in one single session? At this year’s summit you can.

Innovation Norway is proud to introduce Demo Day – an exclusive event for accredited and active investors to meet and mingle with some of the most exciting Norwegian startups that are about to take off globally. Companies that respond to global market needs and represent the fast growing Norwegian startup scene in an excellent way.

Innovation Norway covers the ticket costs for the conference in Bergen and Voss, transport from Bergen to Voss, and accommodation at Voss for those who are chosen to attend Demo Day. Transport to / from Bergen, the participant must cover.


" Keep an eye on Norway: Its startup scene is about to go huge" 

- Haje Jan Kamps, Journalist Techcrunch