There is no such thing as bad weather,
only bad clothing!

Although the weather forecast for Voss is set to be great with highs of 23 degrees, we advise that you bring a range of attire.

The main rule when dressing for Norwegian weather is: the more the better. Trust us when we say it’s better to have the option of taking off a layer than being cold although hopefully we'll all be sunbathing! Good news, bed linen and towels are included in Voss so no need to pack these items. We also provide all the gear for your activity, so leave your parachute @ home. 

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Our recommended packing list includes:

-Credit/Debit Card (we do not take cash at Voss)

-Raincoat and pants

-Thin windbreaker and hiking trousers (with good moisture transfer)



-Indoor clothing and shoes

-Casual extreme dinner attire 😋

-Pyjamas - you might be sharing a room and definitely will be sharing a cabin! 

-Hiking boots or shoes you can be active in

-Shorts and t-shirt

-Sweater and pants

-Personal toiletries, medication and underwear

-Cell Phone & charger


-Small backpack for hiking

-Proof of Travel Insurance

-Passport for our International guests

-Most importantly, bring your sense of adventure with you!

Click here to view the rest of the FAQ for Startup Extreme 2018.

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-