Brought to you by a proud team of founders, investors and startup enthusiasts

Startup Extreme is created by the team from Angel Challenge and Startup Norway, with support and help from all our good friends in the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

Startup Extreme is a "dugnad" from all of the Norwegian startup ecosystem. Started in 2015 with a goal to support the ecosystem and build a strong and healthy startup ecosystem. 

History of Startup Extreme




Organized by Angel Challenge

With Angel Challenge we aim to accelerate Investors and Startups to help make more startup-investments happen. 

Since the start in 2015, more than 200 investors and 200 startups have been through the programs all over Norway.


Owned and initiated by Startup Norway

Startup Norway is a private impact organization started in 2011 by passionate entrepreneurs, wanting to create a stronger and more inclusive startup community.

Meet the Extreme Dream Team

Thank you for letting us make Startup Extreme again for the 4th time!

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Startup Extreme was created for the first time in 2015 with a mission to put the Norwegian startup scene on the international startup map. As long term community builders of the Norwegian startup scene through Startup Norway we felt it was too sad Norwegian companies did not get the attention they deserved. 

Startup Extreme is an initiative by Startup Norway where the mission is to showcase the Norwegian startup scene for the international community

With the Nordics representing almost 10% of Global billion dollar Exits, and 33% of Europe's billion dollar exits, AND Norway now being the fastest growing ecosystem in the Nordics after Sweden, we hereby invite the world (investors & media) to come discover the hidden startup secrets of Norway. 

Startup Extreme gathers 300 key influencers from the US and European tech scene for three days of extreme sports, startups and networking in the stunning surroundings of Voss, Norway. Meet the hottest startups of the Nordics and discover the Norwegian fjords and mountains through activities and leisure at the most extreme tech event this year.

STARTUP EXTREME 2015 - First launch!

2015 was the year the first Startup Extreme was kicked-off. 

One day in Bergen on june 15th - named Hightech Norway, open for everyone, gathering the top influencers and leaders working within innovation and corporate innovation. More than 300 people attended, making it the largest innovation conference on the west coast of Norway.

June 17th - 19th - The closed part of the conference, taking place at Voss, the extreme capital of Norway, gathered the best Nordic startups, international investors, media and other stakeholders in the European and US startup ecosystem for 2 days of extreme sports and shared experiences in Norwegian nature.

It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this inaugural event was. Even calling it an event seems out of place; ‘experience’ hits much closer to home.

STARTUP EXTREME 2016 - The Conferencival

In 2016 we merged the Conference - Hightech Norway and the festival at Voss into a conferencival. (Conference + festival). Some argued - is it allowed to call something Conferencival? Well, we don't know - but we did. And launched the worlds most extreme startup conferencival. 

The 15-17th of June 2016 the H.K.H Crown Prince of Norway opened Startup Extreme with a ceremonial flag planting on a lucky sunny day in Bergen - and the Startup Extreme was hereby a tradition.   

See Conference Program 2016

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STARTUP EXTREME 2017 - Mastering the event

In 2017 we surpassed all expectations by hosting 500 participants at the Conference in Bergen and 250 attendees at the Summit in Voss. Tickets were sold out 2 weeks before the event.

We also caught up the attention of 11 national and international newspapers and hundred of thousands social media users. In words of Forbes "One of Europe's best tech conferences in June"!

See Conference Program 2017


Startup Extreme 2017 - Day One - Bergen - Image copyright Dan Taylor-