Book meetings with attendees

We have partnered up with DealRoom to offer participants the chance to book meetings with each other. 

Look in your email inbox for an invitation email to register your account and start booking meetings today.

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-

How to book meetings at Startup Extreme

1: Get a ticket for Startup Extreme - Conference or Festival

2: Receive an invitation email from "dealroom" with a link to create an account

3: Browse other attendees and click - request meeting

4: Wait for other to confirm
-> agree on a time-slot for a meeting
-> get a designated table for your 20 minute meeting

5: Go to your table in the designated time-slot


Skjermbilde 2018-06-05 kl. 16.10.00.png

When and where can you book meetings? 

June 12th - Conference day - (for all attendees)
From 1200-1700 in DealRoom-Room

June 14th - Festival day 2 - (only for festival attendees)
From 1030-1200 - Campbreakfast meeting

What is DealRoom?


Here at Startup Extreme, our ambition is to fuel the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem:

What better way is there to do this than to host a networking event with an exclusive selection of startups, investors, international media, corporates and community players!


We listened to our past attendees who asked for more time dedicated to networking:

This year, we have collaborated with DealRoom to rocket-launch the extreme networking experience
to a whole new level. 

DealRoom is the the ultimate social & strategical platform for Startup Extreme.


All attendees will receive access to DealRoom, here you can:

  • Create a personalised profile which includes your specific goals for the event
  • Preview awesome attendee profiles and prioritise those must-see attendees
  • Request, pre-book and attend 20 minute meetings with the most relevant attendees


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Get to know attendees before the event - Book your must see attendees into a private meeting - Meet at a dedicated time in a dedicated space - Make a personal impression - Get to know your future business partners - Promote your business and your brand - Make investments happen!


Brought to you in collaboration with DealRoom