"It's the place to be to meet the Norwegian startup community"

- Jessica Blechingberg, Slush


"An unique way to experience startup and Norwegian culture at the same time"

- Bruce Wang,


"'Relation' makes things go forward and that is what you get to attend Startup Extreme!

- Camilla Andersson

"Startup is an extreme sport - and like all sports -  practice is key! Startup Extreme is the place to be if you want to be an international startup from Norway."

- Jøran Orstad Johnsen, Innovasjon Norge

"Networking is extremely important for new Startups, and Startup Extreme delivered just the right conditions to connect with the great people! Highly recommended for all aspiring Norwegian startups."

- Magnus Arveng, CEO and Co-Founder of Arveng Technologies

"In terms of networking and meeting new interesting people from the Norwegian startup ecosystem this is without doubt the best event I have attended!"

- Esben A. Poulsen, Arkwright X


"It's all about the people. Startup Extreme makes it possible to get closer faster and see more facets of the people you are to work with/invest in"

- Arne Peder Blix


"Startup Extreme leaves you inspired and energized. Thanks for all the new connects and knowledge!"

Ingibjörg Meyer-Myklestad


"A tech conference like no other, where you will be challenged and grow.

- Glen Semino


"Perfect way to take the pulse on the startup ecosystem and identifying exciting new investment cases"

- Anonymus


"Eat sheepshead or die tryin'!"

- LJ