12-14th of June! In Bergen! In Voss! It is happening! 

Today we are releasing tickets for Startup Extreme 2018! 

Last year we sold out the summit part in record time, so secure your ticket already today to a special price:-)

We are very happy to announce the first three speakers

Ari Helgason from Index Ventures - Ari is a former entrepreneur with both an operating and investing background, Y-combinator alumni and now VC at Index Ventures. They are supporting entrepreneurs building companies like Adyen, Dropbox, Etsy, Sonos, SoundCloud, King, BlaBlaCar, Squarespace, Just Eat, Lookout, Hortonworks, Pure Storage, Supercell, Criteo, Funding Circle and many others. 

Ralph Echemndia or The Ethical Hacker - a world-renowned cyber security expert, known as “The Ethical Hacker”. For the last 25 years, as a computer hacking consultant, Echemendia has taught major corporations and sectors of the Federal Government how to better protect themselves from digital threats as well as security breaches. He consults for a number of Hollywood entities and individuals on how to reduce the impact of security breaches. His last projects were TV-show Mr.Robot and Snowden by Oliver Stone. 

Sari Stenfors at Augmented Leadership - Sari Stenfors is a serial entrepreneur, scientist and consultant. She is passionate about helping our society to take a leap to the future with disruptive technologies like blockchain, virtual and augmented reality. She is also a social anthropologist, and been doing anthropological studies on cyborgs. She believes one day all of us will be cyborgs, able to connect with machines and even other human brains to allow work become more decentralized. Your personal data will be the most valuable asset in the future, and a potential source of income if you choose to sell your data.

What is Startup Extreme?

Just like last year we are planning a conference and a summit  with 500 key influencers within the Norwegian and international startup scene, media and investors for all parts of the world. In addition to interesting talks and keynotes, we will have extreme sport activities, authentic Norwegian “sheep head”, beginning of the midnight sun and facilitated networking in the gorgeous fjords of Norway. That’s why it’s extreme, and this year will be even better!


What is the topic? 

The topic this year is scaleups. How to build for speed? How can startups grow further and create impact with new technologies, services and jobs?

Read more about World Economic Forum study, history of Startup Extreme and what is a scaleup here.




Maria Amelie