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You meet her as a speaker at Startup Extreme

Sari Stenfors is a serial entrepreneur, scientist and consultant. She is passionate about helping our society to take a leap to the future with disruptive technologies like blockchain, virtual and augmented reality.

She holds a PhD in Business Technology with emphasis on AI, algorithms, data governance, distributed ledgers and digital organizational behavior. She is also a social anthropologist, and been doing anthropological studies on cyborgs. She believes one day all of us will be cyborgs, able to connect with machines and even other human brains to allow work become more decentralized. Your personal data will be the most valuable asset in the future, and a potential source of income if you choose to sell your data.

As a digital world citizen, Sari divides her time between two different places she calls home - San Francisco and Helsinki. In her pursuit for improving our society, she is also involved in social entrepreneurship in Afghanistan and Somalia, impact investment, and game changing economic and political concepts.

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