How we sold 50% in 12 hours?

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100 tickets were released March 21st at 12:00.

The day our whole team had been eagerly anticipating. We all gathered round at 11:55 and sat watching the screen, praying that everything would go to plan. There has been months of planning to get to a point where we could release tickets. This is the fourth Startup Extreme and each year we aim to improve upon the last.

Startup Extreme is limited capacity and invite only, where most tickets are pre-booked through partners. Today we only had 100 tickets to release to the open guestlist. 


This year, our goal was to perfect the logistics. The quicker the planning, marketing & automising was completed, the more time it would leave us to maximise the Startup Extreme experience.

"We saw ticket after ticket being snapped up in record speed"

This goal saw us automising our ticketing process, we had dabbled with this in the past but had never set out to automise from day 1. The process was assisted by our trusty CRM system - Hubspot & helped along with Eventbrite, Typeform, Zapier to name a few! 

Automation is a fantastic process and is widely used as a way to save time, reduce costs, reduce errors, increase transparency in business. Whereas once it was only considered by big corporations, it is now becoming ever more popular with startups & scaleups. Read about why it could benefit your business here


This process allowed us to watch ticket after ticket sell out; it was surreal. Cheers filled the room. Though we had hoped the event would be popular amongst the startup community, we were amazed to see such high levels of interest in the weeks leading up to ticket release. Automating saved us tonnes of time, allowing us to keep those interested informed and up to speed. 

Hard work by each member of the team and a fantastic automation process translated into 50% of tickets selling out on launch day, massively exceeding our expectations! To those lucky ticket holders, we promise to give you an experience to remember on 12th - 14th June 2018. 

- Startup Extreme Dream team finally automising the ticket release and seeing those first tickets fly away! 

- Startup Extreme Dream team finally automising the ticket release and seeing those first tickets fly away! 

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