How to manage chaos when your team is growing?


Hampus Jakobsson is a Venture Partner at Blueyard, angel investor in over 80 companies. He is also podder-blogger-twitterer and father. He helps ambitious founders who want to fundamentally change the future.

By training he is a computer science engineer. As he says himself, he codes a little too and compensates by playing games.

On our question what is the point of angel investors, Jakobsson says that angel investors have two tasks with startups.

"The first one is to help with funding post the phase of friends, family and fools, government money and before the VC-funding."

"Secondly angel investors use hard-learned wisdom to make sure others don't make the same mistakes and suffer unnecessarily."

"To be most effective as investors, they have to understand that they don't know all the details and that the world has changed, at the same time as  helping with focus and emotional roller coasters."

What are the typical mistakes founders make when they go from startup to scaleup?

"Often they do too many things at the same time and don't have a clear focus and process."

"The other issues is they become the bottleneck and don't understand how to let go, trust and grow the business and delegate."

This last issue and how to deal with it is going to be Jakobssons talk at Startup Extreme 12-14th of June. How to manage chaos when your team is growing? With bigger teams, founders cannot hope to talk with every employee and questions such as “How do we make sure everyone is busy and well informed?” arise. Growing a team requires to rethink the way information is being expected and communicated inside the team.

See you at Startup Extreme! 

Maria Amelie