Meet Lars Urheim

We took five minutes with Managing Director & Co-Founder  @ Ope - Lars Urheim
to hear what he had to say about overseeing strategy and day-to-day operations at the innovative Scandinavian shelving company & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.

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Renewal of homes and workplaces due to changing needs creates excess cost and waste. Ope has solved this with a system for building your own furniture, so flexible that you can build what you need now, and change it to what you need later.
Ope is LEGO for interiors, a patented, tool-free system for re-configurable furniture. Ope is designed for re-use, a concrete solution to the waste problems created by a society in constant change.

We wanted to take our sustainable furniture one step ahead, and have started a project to use collected marine waste in our design furniture. The project is catching on as we go, and larger companies has approached us to take part in the project.
We have committed to collect at least the same amount of plastic from the ocean that we use in our product.

We are a passion and value driven organisation, with a strong concept, secured IP and ambitious goals. We have already proven a willingness to pay for the product, and a strong endurance through rough seas.


We want to broaden the team with investors that bring international marketing, sales and branding competence to our company.

We will win the market because our solutions solve problems in everybody's lives and deliver more value than existing ones. At the same we time save resources and protect the environment through our business model!

We share the same values and a passion for our concept.

I joined Startup Extreme last year, and found it to be the best place to combine business networking and fun in the history of humanity

Accept that it will take time and hard effort to succeed before you start. Listen to people you meet, and adjust your course when the advice makes sense.

India Campbell