Meet Anders Gundersen

We took some time with CEO & Partner @ Sensonomic Anders Gundersen to hear his thoughts on leading a successful startup in Norway  & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


Sensonomic builds software that helps you measure, model, monitor and predict nature’s relevance to your operations, risk exposure, and investment strategy. We build digital representations of the world you operate in through multiple data sources and advanced analytics. We populate our digital model with people, organisations, infrastructure and assets, and run thousands of simulations under varying conditions - all from the vantage point of your business. This gives you unique insight into how your business should adjust to a changing world.

Sensonomic will be working on a large climate resilience project for the South Pacific nations Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Our founder recently spent a month on the islands, coming back with a sunburn, new learning, and a respect for how resilient people are under very tough conditions.

Our services are increasingly in demand in a world where being able to change and prepare for change is getting increasingly important. We will scale up to be able to deliver services to big agriculture, governments, and prepare ourselves for delivering insight to the finance and insurance industries globally.

Sensonomic's angel investors got interested because we are solving one of the real wicked problems we face: how do we best utilise land. Our angels are experienced investors and entrepreneurs, and two of them (Dr Siri Kalvig, ex Storm and new Managing Director of Fornybar AS, and Dr Per Espen Stoknes, current Member of Parliament and co-chair for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School [BI]) still serves on our board.

In order to scale quicker and to build a strong development and sales team we will be needing capital. But we are after the right kind of capital...

We care deeply about the problems we are trying to solve, we are not only pushing technology. Our services are rooted in mature and emerging research, and we are humble towards our clients' expertise. We will win the market because we build trust with the right kind of clients, investing the time and resources it takes to get to know them. This will get the snowball rolling, and we are confident that others will follow the early movers.

Our team is comprised of brilliant people with complementary skills. We are interested in the problems we solve, and everyone is carefully selected due to a combination of intellectual and social skills.

Because we were asked, and had a good experience last year. We are keen to follow the developments of what is a maturing and exciting concept.

Dare to ask for help. It helps.


India Campbell