Meet Emil Oliver

We took a few seconds with CEO & Co-Founder @ Hubro Education - Emil Johan Oliver
to hear his thoughts on scaling a startup in Norway & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


Hubro Education make learning by doing easy and fun in business education. Our business simulation games let students practice what they learn by managing virtual businesses, which gives them a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Because our business idea is something that's wanted globally. Yeah, we're mostly doing the Nordics right now, but my guess is we have customers in 12 countries by the end of the year and three times that at the end of next year.

We leaned forward, listened when they gave us advice, and came back having done what they advised us to do. Show you're a stayer and a learner.

Our goals are to connect with Norwegian and international investors, with key people from the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem and with other Norwegian startups. Startup Extreme provides the platform for us to this all in one place. 

India Campbell