Meet Jon Gjerde

We took some time with Founder, Board Member & Share HolderKitemill to talk about his search for co investors & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


My background is organic farmer, passionate about outdoor activities in the nature of Voss, environment and human rights.

Invertapro is first and only certified Norwegian producer of edible insects, located at my farm in Voss. Kitemill had a technical breakthrough this year and expect to have fully operational demo by end of 2018.

Because I inherited financial assets from my father and I want to profit from it.

Because I believe they have the best potential to succeed and are focused on a sustainable future.

The Norwegian startup scene is very exciting and visionary. Norwegians have TRUST.  It may be our most important asset.

To attract co-investors for Kitemill.

Long term investments aim for environmental and societal benefits (UN GSDs can serve as guidance to reduce financial risk).

India Campbell