Meet Magnus Arveng

We took a few seconds with Co-founder and CEO @ Arveng Technologies - Magnus Arveng to hear his thoughts on leading a successful startup in Norway  & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


Arveng Technologies is a company that provide custom wearable control system solutions, for people who need natural and intuitive control of their machines.

It's alive! The HuMI Smart Glove prototype v5 now works with several drones (including DJI), and enables natural and intuitive control of drones! In addition, Arveng Technologies has successfully raised over 900k NOK on a valuation of 7MNOK. Among the investors are Harald Fredrik Ulltveit-Moe, Malise AS and Oli Holding. They help us realize our vision, and make our dream come true!

We are currently opening our Beta-sale, to let ~20 tech evangelists and early adopters try our solution for themselves. There will soon be a crowdfunding campaign at Look out for it if you want to be among the first to try!

We were extremely lucky, as one of our investors reached out to us through our webpages only a week after we started looking for funding. It turned out that she was the mother of a recently graduated student from NTNU that I had met in a social setting earlier. #Network is everything! One of the others saw us pitching at Angel Challenge in October, and we have upheld the contact since then. In February, he entered our Board of Advisory, and in May he chose to invest, and become a part of the Board of the Company. I think our investors got interested in us because they believe in our vision, and they see that we are a driven and passionate team who are going to pull through and make this happen!

We wanted investors because we needed capital to take this any further. Now the near future is secured, and we can continue developing wearable control system solutions that people want.


We will win the market because we are the first intuitive and natural controller that can control more than one drone, and in the bigger picture we will provide custom wearable control system solutions that are tailored to our customers needs.

We are a winning team because of the diverse background of our team members, combined with the unified belief of making human-machine-interaction natural and intuitive. We are students with backgrounds ranging from Industrial Economics and Technology Management to Cybernetics and Robotics, Electronics System Design and Innovation and Industrial Design Engineering. Combined with strategic partnerships with Nordic Semiconductor, BLJ Engineering, Hapro Electronics and Henning Pedersen’s Makeadrone, we are confident that we can deliver solutions that our customers will love!

Our experience with Startup Extreme 2017 made the choice of attending this year’s conference a no-brainer. I don't know any other place where you get to partake in action-packed social activities with potential investors and other startups altogether. Sitting on a cabin terrace, overviewing the skyline of Voss with a beer in your hand and enjoying the sunset is not the worst scene for talking to potential investors and connecting on a human level. And having an after party in the sauna at 5am in the morning, sharing a bottle of Jägermeister with this kind of people has definitely made a great memory!

Do what you love, and love what you do. It's gonna be tough, but be smart about it! Seek advice where you can get some, and by all means - get help! You will never be able to accomplish what you envision in your head if you're trying to do it all alone. A good, strong and influential network will be key to your success. And don't forget to give. Because if you give, you will ultimately receive. And it is in fact very rewarding to be giving. Smile. A lot. It makes you happier. Above all - prioritize your long term happiness. Because in the end I think that is what it all comes down to. Perceived happiness. And as they say: Don't forget that the Journey is the reward. Go have fun!


India Campbell