Meet Maksymilian Majer

We took five minutes with CEO & Team Building Consultant @ ITCraftship - Maksymilian Majer
to hear what he had to say about leading a successful startup in Norway & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


ITCraftship is a premium recruitment consultancy helping startup businesses find the right fit for their software development team.

We're scaling our services to fuel the dream of making development talent more accessible and affordable to businesses and at the same time helping developers get their dream jobs faster and without friction. We invest our revenue into research and networking, so we can make this happen. 

Through years of engineering and recruitment experience we've crafted a process, that has proven to deliver great talent with little risk involved. We offer value upfront, helping businesses get ready for remote workforce and improve their internal development and recruitment processes.

We've worked together for many years and we share passion for great software development as well as recruitment. We're disciplined and data/process oriented. Plus we dream big :)

Network with startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to get valuable feedback for our customer & product research. Starting relationships that can lead to customer acquisition for our current and future offerings.

Work not only IN your business, but also ON your business. Stick to the 20 Mile March rule and be consistent at working 1 – 2h every day on the tasks that drive you closer to your business objectives.


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India Campbell