Meet Richard Paulsen

We took a few seconds with Co-Founder @ BizBot - Richard Paulsen
to hear what he had to say about his team & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


Bizbot is a platform for entrepreneurs, where we automate and digitize difficult and time-consuming tasks. Has a share issue been granted? It took a lot of time because you did not use Bizbot's emitting tool.

We are now ready to launch the commercial platform!

We are treating Norway as our test market, before we go pan-european.

We managed to pitch to a lot of quality investors who bring capital and knowledge to the table.

We move fast and we are not afraid of failing and everybody in our team has 15-20 years experience in their field.

Our goal in attending Startup Extreme is to meet other startups, network, share experiences and learn.

Just DO IT! don't plan, execute!

India Campbell