Meet Trond Kittelsen

We took five minutes with CEO @ SevenSix - Trond Kittelsen to hear his thoughts on scaling up  businesses & his expectations for Startup Extreme 2018.


SevenSix has created a brand new ecosystem for tennis players and coaches.
Our platform makes it possible to collaborate globally, and online coaching gives a new income source for coaches and clubs.

SevenSix is is moving from pre-seed phase to seed phase. Won Capgemini Summer of Code to make MVP. Microsoft credits of 120,000 dollars in Azure Stack. Soft Funding grant 1 MNOK from Innovation Norway. Signed a big international commercial tennis contract in May 2018.

Well, we're in this to develop international tennis with 1,5 billion players/spectators. The team has developed top 10 players and won grand slam tournaments both in WTA (women) and ATP. (men) We want to unleash the potential of player development, not only to top players but to any ambiguous tennis players around the world.

For one thing you have to be on the offer side, be unafraid,  talk to people, build you network, know how to handle people. It also helps to have resources that can point you in the right direction regarding soft funding initiatives both national and internationally. Be collaborative, not protective, tell your story and be open to partnerships in all aspects. 

So, we are moving forward also in soft funding initiatives, that can unleash a 10 MNOK budget to help the internationalization of SevenSix

We believe in developing ambitious tennis players. We believe in a digital ecosystem for players, coaches and teams. We believe in eliminating pen and paper for tennis coaches and players. We believe in gathering all important information in one place. We believe in collecting important data to improve learning, using AI, sensors and machine learning. We believe in providing coaches with a new income source. We believe in "feeding" your tennis.
We will address the market with mobile , easy to use concepts, incorporated in the value chain of tennis, a growing team with great track record both in tennis and business.

The team is listening, open to change, passionate to evolve tennis to the next stage.

Great networking event in Norwegian nature. Getting to meet interesting people and events.

Be bold, get traction, execute

India Campbell